knotworkshop is a collaborative online project, in which a digital publication will be created by collaborators remotely using online tools.

The making stage of the project will be live between June 30th and July 11th, to coincide with Testing Time at Manchester School of Art.

Collaborators are invited to contribute to the publication at any point during these two weeks, and spend as little or as much time on their contribution as they wish.

knotworkshop offers a platform to collaborate internationally with participants from diverse disciplines, sharing the creative process with a wide range of collaborators. Collaborators are also invited to test their own skills, and challenge their own creative process.

At the end of each day the current version of the publication will be published online, and exhibited as part of Testing Time at Manchester School of Art. At completion of the project the final publication will be published digitally, available for all participants to download and share.

To contribute, follow this link

To see the day to day progress, follow this link

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