Manchester Print Fair 2013

Last Saturday I finally made it to a Manchester Print Fair! I was there as part of Vapid Slackers, a casual collective of designers loosely connected through the Vapid Kitten zine, with issues of Miscellanea and a few packs of postcards. It was a really great day, after a little bit of improvising during set up, and for me it was exciting to be able to give out Miscellanea and see readers face to face.

photograph of print fair stall, with postcards, zines and badges laid out on the table

four one-page copies of miscellanea arranged on a wooden crate

Working with the other Slackers was good fun, and I’m excited to already be planning our next project. Got some big plans for Miscellanea 7!



Miscellanea 6 : The Betsy Edition

photocopied page of text and image titled Miscellena, stand out image of chicken

This edition of Miscellanea is hot off the press in time for Manchester Print Fair on Saturday! This edition is in collaboration with Betsy Lamborn, aka one half of Vapid Kitten, who will be missing the Print Fair as she is teaching abroad. However, Betsy’s will be there in the form of her words and her design sensibility, which inspired the cut and paste, photocopied style of this edition. She’s also fond of chickens.

Copies of Miscellanea will be available at the Print Fair, where I will be manning a stall alongside the other half of Vapid Kitten, Anna Frew, and a crack team of fellow designers. Come and see us!

You can also follow @this_is_misc on Twitter to find out more, and keep updated!

Miscellanea : Things To Make

As I mentioned in an earlier post this issue of Miscellanea has an interactive element, the #MiscGallery on Twitter. Miscellanea 5 contains a list of suggestions of things to make, and an invitation to post them on Twitter under the MiscGallery hashtag to create a kind of user-generated gallery of responses.

As the printing techniques used for this issue limited the amount of copies I could produce I thought I would share the suggestions list here on the blog as well. So, if you feel like giving your brain a five minute making work-out, get involved and tweet the results!

Things To Make

– An improvement on the view from your window
– A tiny exhibition out of objects on a shelf
– Art out of clothes
– Clothes out of art
– A really, really abstract self-portrait
– Something that looks like food, but isn’t
– Something that doesn’t look like food, but is
– A sign to protest something that makes you angry
– A collaborative drawing with your BFF (that’s Best Friend Forever)
– A collaborative drawing of your BFF
– Something fabulous out of disposable coffee cups and marker pens
– A way to transform junk mail into something you enjoy looking at
– Something old
– Something new
– Something borrowed
– Something blue
– A pile of bus fares, train tickets and receipts which you can then destroy, or enjoy as a sculpture
– A collage out of things you bought on your last trip to the supermarket
– Something, anything, inspired by the word ‘positive’

It’s alive! Miscellanea 5!


two sheets of light paper printed with the title 'miscellanea' and illustrations of art supplies

The new issue of Miscellanea is here! And I’m trying a few different things this time…

The first main difference is the colour, I’ve moved from a one colour digital print to rather more exciting two colour Risograph. This was my first time using the Risograph and, after a couple of false starts, I was very pleased with the results. To go with the new printing I’ve tried out two new paper stocks, a light news print and heavier Colourplan. I like the ephemeral feel of the news print but there’s just something very satisfying about the Colourplan.

The other major difference is this issue’s INTERACTIVE element. My MA research in making and collaborating has inspired me to try and create a kind of collaborative, user-generated Twitter gallery. Miscellanea 5 contains a list of suggestions for things to make, and an invitation to Tweet photographic evidence under the #MiscGallery hashtag. Clicking on the hashtag will then display all responses, and users’ comments. I’m excited (and a little bit worried) to see how it turns out!

Miscellanea 5 will be available at Good Press Gallery in Glasgow, and at the upcoming Manchester Print Fair, and the list of Things to Make will also be available on my blog for curious makers.

Follow @this_is_misc on Twitter for updates, and check out #MiscGallery to see the gallery’s progress!

Finally! Miscellanea 4

photograph of one page publication featuring illustration of a fox

Ok, so I took a little break over Christmas. But now I’m back, with a new issue of Miscellanea! For this issue I worked with my wonderful friend Isabel, who wrote a fascinating article inspired by her aunt, and once again I contributed illustrations.

Copies are going to be heading up to Good Press in Glasgow, and there may be a few available around Nottingham. If you, your friend or your local zine distributor would like to get your hands on a copy just drop me an email at My emails may be weirdly formal but I promise you I mean well.

It’s Here! Miscellanea Three

Photograph of Miscellanea, one sheet publication

It’s finally here, issue 3 of Miscellanea! This issue features words AND illustrations by Lisa Lorenz, alongside my usual banner illustration. Once again copies will be available at Good Press, and I advise you to keep your eyes peeled for them while you’re out and about.

If you don’t go out and about but you’d still like a copy to call your own you could try contacting me at and see what happens… (The same goes for anyone interested in contributing to a future issue – get in touch!)

Boo! Miscellanea Two! And a call for contributions…

Miscellanea Issue Two

That’s right, issue 2 of Miscellanea is a Hallowe’en special! Featuring a genuinely unnerving short story by the mysterious and enigmatic Ms Claire Biddles and illustrations by the clumsy and awkward Kate Dunstone/Me it is available at Good Press in Glasgow, and should be making an appearance at the Manchester Print Fair. As ever, stay tuned for more distribution details.

And in other news…
Miscellanea is looking for contributors!

Contributors are asked to provide a piece of writing in any style and on any theme. Fiction, fact, rant, ballad, poem, recipe, essay, manifesto, all are welcome!
Due to the labour-of-love nature of the project there is no payment for articles, but each contributor receives copies of their issue to distribute as they wish.

So if you’ve got a piece that won’t fit anywhere else, need some writing practice or just want to get involved, email for more details.


Miscellanea Issue One

I am pleased to announce the first issue of Miscellanea is GO! Miscellanea is a self-initiated, one sheet publication based on broadsides, the precursor to penny dreadfuls and tabloid newspapers. They covered topics from ballads and public notices to political screeds and ghost stories, which were often accompanied by wood block illustrations. You can learn more and read examples of original broadsides on the National Library of Scotland’s Word on the Street site.

My interest in broadsides was piqued by an article in Varoom magazine, and how the format could give me the ideal opportunity to work with different collaborators and let them lead the way in exploring a variety of themes. Thankfully my friend Fehm shared my enthusiasm and the first issue features her writing, alongside my woodblock inspired illustrations. Although this first issue was digitally printed I’m hoping to try out different printing techniques, particularly woodblock and letterpress, and you can expect a special Hallowe’en edition next month.

I will be at the Manchester Print Fair with copies of Miscellanea, and you’ll also be able to find them at the Birmingham Zine Festival. Stay tuned to find out where else they’ll be appearing!