Collective North in Filey

Being a founding member of Collective North has its benefits, like a collective weekend away in Filey! Walking, talking, planning, pub reviewing, remembering my childhood on the east coast.



Maker’s Dozen #InSource

The past few months have been extremely busy, leaving little time to add anything to the blog!

Here is a round up of a project I’m currently involved in, Maker’s Dozen InSource, a collaborative project featuring a wide variety of makers around Manchester.

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Manchester at the Merz

Last weekend I joined a bunch of other artists, designers and assorted well-wishers from Manchester and beyond in celebrating Kurt Schwitters’ birthday at the Merz Barn, in the Lake District.

I took a disposable camera, these are some of the photos…

Social Baking

I’ve started to think about the parallels between making as a social activity and eating as a social activity. Food and eating has always played a big part in my family’s social life, and is a natural catalyst for interaction and connection.

With this in mind I tested out an initial idea for social making/baking at coLAB last week. As the lunch at the event participants were invited to take part in collaborative sandwich making, with each of us passing around our plates and adding elements to each other’s food. Daunting to begin with this became an interesting way to create a social atmosphere, definitely requiring further investigation.

coLAB 2015

This weekend I hosted coLAB at Ny Space in Manchester. The day was an opportunity for practitioners involved in participatory or collaborative work to come together and discuss their practice and the context of collaboration in creative practice.

More to come on this soon, but in the meantime here’s how it looked…

Saturday Art Club @McrSchArt

Every Saturday Manchester School of Art runs a saturday art club for 14 – 16 year olds in the area, as part of National Art and Design Saturday Club. I had the great pleasure to deliver two sessions to the group, focused on creating a zine showcasing the work they’d made as part of the club.

In our first session we photographed and scanned work, edited our images in Photoshop and worked on InDesign layouts. In the next session it was time to bind all 100 copies! After a demo from student ambassador Javier we set to work, and 2.5 hours later we a whole set of zines ready to distribute.

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The Rogue P @sftoc

Collective North’s first project, The Rogue P Sessions, took place at last Sunday’s Sounds from the Other City festival. Lead by the inimitable Jackie Haynes, The Rogue P Sessions (name inspired by the extra P in VimPto) hosted bands, comedians and spoken word artists in a family tent for intimate interviews and sessions.

The tent, right beside Vimto Gardens off Chapel Street, was open to festival-goers and community members, with shows all afternoon.