March in the Midwest #4 – Saddle Creek Shop

As previously mentioned, my trip to Omaha was in some ways Saddle Creek inspired. Since I first heard Bright Eyes when I was seventeen I’ve been heavily influenced by the band, and the label behind the band, in a lot of ways. I can trace this influence in the way I approach business, the importance I place on friends and community in creative work, the relationship I see between politics and art, and the way place affects practice (which is why Omaha held a sort of fascination for me).

The label’s visual style has also been a big influence on me. When I think back to why I wanted to go to art school in the first place I remember liking ‘art’ in general terms, and really wanting to make album covers. Bright Eyes’ album covers (designed by Zack Nipper) were/are some of my favourites, and still have a big place in my heart.

All this to say, the Saddle Creek shop has ORIGINALS OF THE ARTWORK hanging on the walls. Super exciting! (For me at least.)

The tactility of Bright Eyes’ record covers is partly what makes them so enjoyable, and I really loved seeing the original painting and sewing behind the covers. Maybe I could rely on the computer less…