What I’ve Been Reading

If je ne suis pas Charlie, am I a bad person? Nuance gets lost in groupthink – Roxane Gay
The situation in France has been upsetting, disturbing, confusing. Roxane Gay’s article goes some way to unpicking the complexity of feelings around the act, the response and the aftermath.

Demands for solidarity can quickly turn into demands for groupthink, making it difficult to express nuance. It puts the terms of our understanding of the situation in black and white – you are either with us or against us – instead of allowing people to mourn and be angry while also being sympathetic to complexities that are being overlooked.

Teaching to Transgress – bell hooks
Rent it from the library, or buy your own copy!
Pedagogic theory is becoming much more central to my work, and through hooks’ theory of ‘engaged pedagogy’ I think I’ve found the underpinning of my socially-engaged work. There’s so much valuable writing in this book it is impossible to summarise, covering race, multiculturalism and gender in the classroom and the wider feminist movement.

Excitement is generated through collective effort.

Allied Force – Jamia
There Are No Cookies: Ten Ways to Take Action as a Trans Ally (Even If You’re Also Trans) – Mari Brighe
Allyhood tends to be a tense issue in social justice circles, and both these articles offer a little background to the issue as well as solid advice on what to do and what not to do. Both good places to start when considering your role in speaking out about race, gender, sexuality and other forms of oppression.

glitter on cheekbones – Ms Biddles
When it all gets too much how better to relax than with an expertly chosen selection of context free images? Artist and close personal friend Ms Biddles’ tumblr provides attractive men, sparkly things and gothic imagery aplenty. Enjoy.