What I’ve Been Reading

Over a long Christmas break (of sorts) I did do some reading. Here is what I read.

(I put together this list, and then realised the new year’s biggest news was conspicuous by its absence. I honestly think its too soon to know what to say about any aspect of it.)

Learning Omaha – Chloe Bass
As a teenage Bright Eyes/Saddle Creek fan I’ve had a longstanding interest in Omaha, Nebraska, buoyed recently by the community focused residencies at the city’s Bemis Art Center. Chloe Bass’ Learning Omaha is a prime example of this, engaging local teenagers to develop an alternative knowledge of the city, using very nicely designed template materials. This series of posts gives a good ‘artist’s eye view’ of the process of developing the project.

The Modern Lens – Tate St Ives

Initially I wasn’t particularly excited about seeing an exhibition of Modernist photography, but after the first room I realised it was right up my street. In particular I was struck by the work of Hungarian photographers Gyula Holics and Judith Kárász, influenced by the Bauhaus to embrace Modernist principles. The simplicity and economy of image really appeals to me, principles that inform my own design work.

Image from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/photography/11174991/modernism-tate-st-ives-photography-photos.html
Glasses and Shadow c.1955 by Gyulia Holics Image from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/photography/11174991/modernism-tate-st-ives-photography-photos.html

The Areas of My Expertise – John Hodgman
Not a website!
I am a BIG fan of the Judge John Hodgman podcast, and now I am a BIG fan of this book. Provided some much needed comic relief during the Festive period. And I learned a lot about hobos.

American Horror Story Seasons One and Two

Traditionally I am scared by everything, despite my interest in horror films and conspiracy theories, so I surprised myself over Christmas by being able to watch two seasons of American Horror Story in two weeks and sleep with the light off.

The series has combined scary stuff, sexy stuff and campy stuff in a way I find particularly pleasing, but my viewing has been greatly enhanced by the critical analysis running in my head. Its full of gender, race and disability issues, some positive, some negative, and I’m on the hunt for some good critique to get my teeth into. Any recommendations greatly appreciated!


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