What I’ve Been Reading 5/12/14

What I’ve Been Reading

In the wake of court decisions in Ferguson and New York City, and the following protests, Twitter has been my main source of news. Citizen journalism is important at a time like this, and social media makes a space for so many voices that don’t get heard in mainstream media.

I particularly recommend @IjeomaOluo, but there’s plenty of insightful comment and protest coverage all over the place.

Can You Picture This: Activism and Public Engagement – Rachel Marie-Crane Williams
Politics, qualitative research, design, self-doubt – this covers some of my favourite subjects. How to make research accessible, and how to balance academics and politics (and whether you even can) are questions I come back to again and again in my practice (especially when I refer to my work as practice – is that pretension and exclusionary or just the jargon of my particular career path?!), and they are succinctly, accessibly and inspiringly explored in comic form. Both reassuring and challenging.

Alterplinarity – “Alternative Disciplinarity” in Future Art and Design Research Pursuits – Paul Rodgers and Craig Bremner 
Am I pretentious and exclusionary? I haven’t figured it out yet, so here’s a design research conference paper that coins the word ‘alterplinarity’.

I am quite excited by this, I feel like my work(/practice) has gone from ‘discipline-based’ to ‘issue-based’, bringing in techniques and strategies from all kinds of arts and humanities subjects. So I am now going to refer to myself as an alterplinarian. And I’m probably not in Bad Company.*

A Handful of Dust – Evelyn Waugh
It’s an actual paper book!
Having read zero fiction books in the last year I’ve finished two in two weeks. I’m a big Evelyn Waugh fan, despite everything about me suggesting the contrary, and this is my best friend’s favourite of his novels. I recommend it if you enjoy reading about toffs getting into romantic entanglements and can get past some of the offensively outdated language.

And it also marks the last of the fiction books on my ‘to read’ pile! Still got plenty of old dude rocker auto-biogs to get through though…


* Paul Rodgers (probably not the same one, but who am I to assume) was also the singer in Bad Company. That was a joke.