knotworkshop LAUNCH POST

This is strange. knotworkshop, the collaborative, online, zine making project I launched a couple of weeks ago has now come to an end. Contributors added their thoughts and images, I fiddled with the design, it all came together.

And now it’s finished… as a .pdf file on my hard drive. This does not feel like ‘finished’ usually feels. I’m used to trimming, folding, stapling, and holding the ‘finished’ product in my hands. This ‘finished’ product cannot be held!

So I can conclude that my relationship with digital practice remains complicated, perhaps even a little standoffish.

Although that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this project. Aside from certain issues of access, using a purely digital workspace allowed me to reach a wider audience and experiment with tools in a different way. knotworkshop has helped me appreciate the place of online tools for actual making, as well as social and promotional uses.

Click here to download your own .pdf copy of knotworkshop/Community to preserve for all time on your hard drive: