Forming/Storming/Performing Event 3 : Return to Manchester

Last night saw the return of Forming/Storming/Performing, a one-night zine-making party, designed to explore making as a social catalyst.

Last night’s event was held at Sandbar, aka the centre of MA Design and Art Direction’s social world, and much of the activity focused on drawing games, including Exquisite Corpse and Pictionary.

poster showing forming/storming/performing event information

As well as the concept for the event, I designed information posters and ‘Creative Games Compendium’ booklets to help spark participants’ ideas, and pulled together all the contributions into one online zine. I see the parameters applied to the event (materials available, style of promotion, suggestions of activities) as part of what defines my work as design, as they all allow me to exert some influence over the final output (for example, black and white, hand drawn content).

f/s/p participants drawing

The final zine, made during the evening, is available online right here, and a limited-run print version will be available in the next few weeks.

f/s/p participants talking