Upcoming Events…

Time is passing at an unbelievable speed, and now it is Testing Time!

Testing Time is part of the Manchester School of Art MA program, a kind of interim, work-in-progress exhibition, with added crits and tutorials. Very civilised.

During Testing Time I have two events coming up, knotworkshop and Forming/Storming/Performing. knotworkshop is an online project exploring digital collaboration, inviting participants to contribute to an online zine. Forming/Storming/Performing follows the theme of previous events, using a social setting (Sandbar, the MA bar of choice) as site for social making – in this case a zine to be completed in one evening.

As with every project, it’s a little nerve-racking (will anyone contribute? will I be sat all on my own in Sandbar? will the internet break midway through??) but I’m really excited about these two projects. It’s an added bonus that they’ll provide a handy basis for comparison (is online collaboration as satisfying as offline? do we interact in the same way?).

All the links

Contribute to knotworkshop bit.ly/1peCyyv

See the knotworkshop progress http://pub.lucidpress.com/knotworkshop/ 

Join us at Forming/Storming/Performing https://www.facebook.com/events/648095968612651/

And feel free to use some hashtags – #knotworkshopMCR, #FormStormPerform