Getting Social Online

lockers at konstfack art school

I’ve been revisiting a project I started a few months ago, with a view to relaunching as part of my MA practice ‘Testing Time’.

knotworkshop is an exploration of social making online. Is making a publication collaboratively online as satisfying as face to face? Does the final product have the same sense of achievement? Can creative relationships be developed through a chat box?

Before I can answer any of these questions I have to figure out what online design tools are available, and how they can be used collaboratively. Previously I was testing the use of Google Docs as a potential collaborative platform, however the design options it offers are quite limited, and the prospect of creating a publication using a slightly less useful PowerPoint app was pretty uninspiring.

‘Surely,’ I thought, ‘there must be an online collaboration tool for design-minded types?’.

After some Googling, speed-reading and clicking around I found (almost) what I was looking for in LucidPress, a platform very similar to Google Docs, but with a few more InDesign-style features. Crucially, LucidPress also offers shared editing and chat features, very important for online collaboration.

Here you can see my first experiment with LucidPress, using photos taken at Konstfack, Stockholm.