bok kök

Following my remote collaboration with the Man|Ren artist exchange group I began to consider further opportunities for collaboration across countries. With my good friend, and fellow designer, Betsy Lamborn currently studying in Sweden this also provided an opportunity to get in touch and engage in some friendly collaboration.

I reworked the Man|Ren instructions into (IKEA-inspired) symbols, following tutorial discussions of potential language barriers within the project, and renamed it inline with its Swedish destination. Bok kök translates as ‘book kitchen’, as I’d been informed that the kitchen was the hub of Betsy’s Swedish studio.

I’m still awaiting the results of this collaboration, but in the mean time you can see a sample of the instructions, along with Betsy’s Instagram documentation.

inside spread of the bok kok instruction book

inside spread of the bok kok instruction book

screen shot of instagram documentation of event