Büro 3 : A Contextual Miscellany

Büro is a collaborative publication created by myself and my fellow MA Design and Art Direction students, used to explore subjects and processes outside of our research. Producing Büro has also fostered a sense of group identity across the course, strengthening the potential for collaboration and sharing ideas, as well as providing a catalyst for socialising.

The most recent issue, subtitled Misc., brings together writing and imagery around a variety of issues related to art and graphic design.

cover of buro magazine

My contribution, Appropriation, Participation and the ‘Middle Class Hero’, deals with issues of representation, class and authorship in Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave. These issues move closer to the forefront of my mind as my work becomes more and more ‘participatory’, and thinking through these ideas within Deller’s work has helped to clarify my own response to them.

illustration of coal not dole sticker

To accompany the essay I created illustrations based on badges and banners associated with the Miner’s Strike, including a ‘long lost’ Barnsley Women Against Pit Closures banner I had seen featured on local news. I have since been fortunate enough to see the banner ‘in the flesh’, as part of the Coal Not Dole exhibition at Experience Barnsley, photo included below.

illustration of barnsley women against pit closures banner

women against pit closures banner in experience barnsley

Copies of Büro/Misc. will be available throughout Manchester and Liverpool in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!