The Art Party Conference, Scarborough

Below are a few photos from my trip to The Art Party Conference in Scarborough, where I took part in a beach-side protest march and contributed to a stall featuring work from Manchester School of Art MA students.

hand painted sign reading 'quality arts education, easier said than drawn'

One of four hand painted protest signs by Katie Lea and Bridget Hines. The hand painting gave them an ‘old fashioned’ feel, but the I like how the typography keeps it quite fresh.

cross section of stick of rock reading 'do one gove'

Jackie Haynes’ make-your-own-rock art work. I dedicated my stick of rock to Minister for Education Michael Gove.

two women wearing a large tshirt with hand painted slogan

Jackie Haynes and Jayne Seddon’s contribution to the beach protest, giant hand made t-shirt and embroidered ties.

hand drawn postcards

And my own contribution, make-your-own Art Party postcards. The top one in this photo is my own, which I sent to Michael Gove, and the other is the handiwork of Lisa Lorenz, to be sent to Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and Creative Industries.

It was an overwhelming day, with so much going on I didn’t have time to take it all in, and gave some great opportunities to meet new people and have fun with fellow MA students. However, I do feel that as a ‘political’ act, with the aim to ‘advocate the arts to government’, it was a bit more mixed. There seemed to be no specific aims or focus, and so gauging it’s effectiveness is hard to tell.

It was a grand day out though.