Get involved!

It’s been a busy few weeks at dunst HQ! And now is the time to reflect…

The Gallery Previously Known As The Holden Cafe at MMU is under the process of an identity change, to become a more social space in which to show art and design. With this in mind I approached the new leader of the gallery with an idea for a “pop-up” exhibition of participatory design, as myself and several other students work in this kind of area and were eager to try out some of our ideas.

Taking place over two Tuesday nights, Get involved! featured work from myself, Ellie Livermore, Vineta Gailite, Loretta Lipworth and Frau Lorenz, which all required the viewer  to take an active role in the work.

Below you can see photos from the events, including my own postcard project, in which participants were invited to make a postcard to be sent to a random recipient.

photo of gallery showing participants making postcards

close up of hands using stencils

people stood at workshop table drawing

close up of children drawing postcards

As I’ve not organised events such as this before I’ve begun to see these two “pop-ups” as tests for what I hope could become a regular series of events, giving artists and designers an opportunity to test out participatory/interactive work to a receptive audience.