Forming/Storming/Performing : Event Two

This weekend I visited Glasgow, home of my good friend Ms Biddles, to host my second Forming/Storming/Performing event.

This one was a bit different as I was definitely out of my element, working in an unfamiliar setting with people I didn’t know. A major upside to this was that, as we the event took place in an artists’ studios, I was able to provide beer and snacks, which I would say definitely helped create a social atmosphere!

As with the last event, this time we started with a discussion of our creative process, and the ways we like/are used to working. The group was made up of practitioners from a completely different discipline to myself, mainly sculpture/environmental art, and this made the discussion particularly interesting for me. Most (but not all) of us found some common ground in our attitude to the importance of sketchbooks, and I learned about the prickly nature of materials lists.

From this discussion we decided to make a sketchbook-style ‘mish-mash’ of our different work. Through our limitations with time and materials this became a seven piece set of unique hand drawn poster/books, with printed inserts courtesy of Mathew Parkin and Ms Biddles herself.

Below you can see our ‘work in progress’ set up, and some photos of the finished product.

photograph of wooden table with open laptops, bottles of beer and hands drawing

front cover of publication, with hand written title 'rip it up and start again'

double page spread from publication, hand drawn images alongside computer print out of screen shot

double page spread with computer print out unfolded to double size