Forming/Storming/Performing : Event One

Last Thursday I held the first event in my exploration of social making. Forming/Storming/Performing, named after Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development, challenged a small group of creative collaborators to design and make a publication in three hours.

I lead the session, and gathered together a group of designers and artists, some of who knew each well, some not at all. It was my hope that the process of making would be enjoyable, and also help create connections between practitioners from different disciplines. It was interesting to see how the project was approached by collaborators used to working in different forms, but as half of us were from Graphic Design backgrounds we headed in quite a straightforwardly “design” direction.

I gave the theme of ‘creative process’ as a starting point, and this helped us to explore each other’s different approaches to making work, and find lots of similarities. Below you can see a ‘work in process’ shot of us in action, along with the final publication, designed to keep you inspired!

photograph showing pens, paper and a laptop scattered across a desk

small booklet with title 'Get it Rolling' in large black letters

double page spread of 'Get it Rolling' printed in black and orange

poster with 'GET IT ROLLING' in large black text, below a patterned orange circle