Allotment News, Whitworth Weekending

This weekend Manchester School of Art’s Memory Shed will be travelling to Whitworth Weekending at Whitworth Art Gallery, and I was really pleased to be asked to design a newspaper to promote and provide information about it.

Using my Out of Schools newspaper as a starting point I tried to create an engaging layout that brought together the Art School’s contemporary branding with the older idea of memory and the Whitworth’s Victorian architecture. This was combined with photographs from the Shed’s previous life at Tatton Park, and plenty of memories of the Whitworth.

The final version will be available at the Shed this weekend, and aims to encourage visitors to share their memories of the Whitworth on the Shed’s walls. The version below is a slightly altered version I made for myself, using serif type for headings and halftone images. I then printed this version on my favourite paper stock – flip chart paper!

photograph of folded newspaper titled 'allotment news'

photograph of front page of 'allotment news' newspaper

photograph of 'allotment news' back page

close up photo of 'allotment news', empasising typefaces used