Out of Schools 2013

This month I had th eopportunity to be involved in the Out of Schools exhibition at Manchester School of Art. The exhibition is made up of artwork submitted by schools across the region, from ages 3 up to 18, and the range and quality of work was very inspiring!

I was involved in curating and hanging the work and making props for workshops, and during the exhbition itself appeared as an exhibit in the Manchester School of Art ‘Art Zoo’. As an Art Zoo exhibit I set up my studio space on the floor above the exhbition and engaged with visiting students as they looked around, explaining what a Graphic Designer does and generally showing off my work.

photo of a busy designer's workspace

I was also really pleased to get involved with some of the workshops that were happening as part of the exhibition, including making plasticine flowers and bees, and even got to have a go with a heavy duty glue gun!

photo showing a white rose made from plasticine

photo showing my name, kate, written using hot glue

Alongside writing visitors’ names with in glue we were also tasked with creating a sculpture out of broken/recycled glue guns. My favourite suggestion was Ellie Livermore’s knitted wires. It was very physical, and I found it extremely hard to knit.

photo of four glue guns, with their wires knitted together

And to end on, because I like it so much, here is Ellie’s Participatory Quilting at Out of Schools.

photo showing a large table with a multicoloured quilt top