Büro Issue 1 Launch

photo of a series of illustrated posters hung from ceiling beams

Büro, a group publication created with other MA Design and Art Direction students, has now been launched! Initially conceived as a magazine or journal we decided on a different format, each designing a poster to be gathered together in a 12 poster collection.

animated image of 12 posters fanning out


In celebration of our hardwork designing, Riso-printing, folding and collating Büro we decided to hold a launch party, and it was really good to show off our work to an audience outside D and AD.

The whole issue was based on the theme of misplace, and I decided to create a fictional suburban town called Misplace for my design. This inspired a map and an information brochure advertising the benefits of living in ‘radiation free’ Misplace. (You can read all about it on the project page.)

photograph of a poster showing a map title 'misplace'

Plans for the next issue are already underway, and potentially a change of format and print technique, just to keep us on our toes!