What I Saw At The Degree Shows Part 2 : Leeds Metropolitan University

A few days after the Liverpool John Moores show I went over to Leeds to attend the opening night of the Leeds Metropolitan University degree show, titled ‘Broadcast Leeds’. As it was the opening night, and very busy, I only got chance to take a few photos, and managed to miss the names off a couple I took, but was really intrigued by the work on display. What I really liked about the Leeds Met show was the programme of workshops and events happening around it, with a special hub set up in the courtyard of the buildings. (You can read more about what happened on their website, broadcast-leeds.tumblr.com). On the opening night there was a stall selling student work, musicians playing,  the opportunity to screenprint your own poster and even a town crier!

The work at Leeds Met had a different sensibility to Liverpool John Moores, embracing a wider variety of 3-dimensional media and participatory work. However, the work that stood out most to me was, predictably, the more craft driven pieces.

the phrase 'words are the most powerful drug used by mankind' cut into wood

Unfortunately I have lost the title of this piece and the name of the maker, but, as with my response to ‘Covert’ at John Moores, this piece really pushed type into 3-dimensions in an unexpected and satisfying way. The way it changed when viewed from different angles, with the type appeared and disappearing as the viewer moves.

image of a woman smiling made from lengths of thread

The use of thread in Jeni Scott’s ‘Identity’ transformed what could have been a simple photo into an engaging illustration, it drew me in to consider the method of making and construction of the image.

vintage women's bra embroidered with gothic imaginary

Combining puns, embroidery and underwear Lisa Davies’ ‘Maca-bra’ was always going to be a winner. I don’t what else I can say, but I particularly enjoy the eye detail in the centre of the bra.

And there you have my whistle-stop tour of Leeds Met’s Graphic Design show. As I mentioned earlier it’s worth checking out broadcast-leeds.tumblr.com for more about the events held alongside the show, and further details of graduates.