Basics of Branding Workshop

This week I had the opportunity to travel up to Liverpool and deliver a workshop outlining the Basics of Branding to students at Liverpool Community College. I really enjoyed the session and I think it offered the students a good starting point for considering ways to promote themselves in the future.

Photograph of two women in a classroom discussing drawings

I also took part in Lisa Lorenz’s ‘workplay’ workshop, covering the use of portfolios and websites for self-promotion. Below is the poster I made as part of Lisa’s workshop.

The students were a little older than I’m used to delivering to, and at first I was a bit unsure about how presentation would work, but the group was interesting and engaged and I think I managed to pitch my delivery to an appropriate level.

The work created during the day was really strong, and I’m hoping to go and see how it progresses at the end of year show.

Photo of self-promotion poster showing photos of my work alongside a short description, and initial sketches of the design