Miscellanea : Things To Make

As I mentioned in an earlier post this issue of Miscellanea has an interactive element, the #MiscGallery on Twitter. Miscellanea 5 contains a list of suggestions of things to make, and an invitation to post them on Twitter under the MiscGallery hashtag to create a kind of user-generated gallery of responses.

As the printing techniques used for this issue limited the amount of copies I could produce I thought I would share the suggestions list here on the blog as well. So, if you feel like giving your brain a five minute making work-out, get involved and tweet the results!

Things To Make

– An improvement on the view from your window
– A tiny exhibition out of objects on a shelf
– Art out of clothes
– Clothes out of art
– A really, really abstract self-portrait
– Something that looks like food, but isn’t
– Something that doesn’t look like food, but is
– A sign to protest something that makes you angry
– A collaborative drawing with your BFF (that’s Best Friend Forever)
– A collaborative drawing of your BFF
– Something fabulous out of disposable coffee cups and marker pens
– A way to transform junk mail into something you enjoy looking at
– Something old
– Something new
– Something borrowed
– Something blue
– A pile of bus fares, train tickets and receipts which you can then destroy, or enjoy as a sculpture
– A collage out of things you bought on your last trip to the supermarket
– Something, anything, inspired by the word ‘positive’