It’s alive! Miscellanea 5!


two sheets of light paper printed with the title 'miscellanea' and illustrations of art supplies

The new issue of Miscellanea is here! And I’m trying a few different things this time…

The first main difference is the colour, I’ve moved from a one colour digital print to rather more exciting two colour Risograph. This was my first time using the Risograph and, after a couple of false starts, I was very pleased with the results. To go with the new printing I’ve tried out two new paper stocks, a light news print and heavier Colourplan. I like the ephemeral feel of the news print but there’s just something very satisfying about the Colourplan.

The other major difference is this issue’s INTERACTIVE element. My MA research in making and collaborating has inspired me to try and create a kind of collaborative, user-generated Twitter gallery. Miscellanea 5 contains a list of suggestions for things to make, and an invitation to Tweet photographic evidence under the #MiscGallery hashtag. Clicking on the hashtag will then display all responses, and users’ comments. I’m excited (and a little bit worried) to see how it turns out!

Miscellanea 5 will be available at Good Press Gallery in Glasgow, and at the upcoming Manchester Print Fair, and the list of Things to Make will also be available on my blog for curious makers.

Follow @this_is_misc on Twitter for updates, and check out #MiscGallery to see the gallery’s progress!