A Brief Update

The pace has been picking up both in and outside uni recently, bad for regular blog updating, good for sparking ideas and generally getting stuff done.

This week I started working on a name, identity and outlook for my MA Stage One work. (I know it seems a bit late for this but I did spend the first term actually defining what it is I’m doing). I started out by giving myself a tight deadline (one day) to define a name, identity and aim for the project, forcing myself to create work to reflect on. (This approach has worked well for me in the past). It’s been a while since I created anything like this but talking through my initial ideas generation in a tutorial inspired a whole new direction for the work.

Initial ideas for a name and logo

This direction has required some focused research which lead me here…

The Workshop

Looking through my Grandad’s workshop revealed a nice little pile of research material, which I’m looking forward to organising and working with.

I’ve also been involved with in a group publication with other members of the MA course. Collaborating as a group has helped build my confidence in putting forward my ideas, and hearing other people’s thoughts has opened up new ways of approaching design work. Quickly generating logo ideas as group also fed directly into my practice as I can use this technique when going forward with my project identity.

Sketching out logo ideas

Other news:

– I will be co-hosting a table at the upcoming Manchester Print Fair, as part of the Vapid Slackers alongside @al_frew, @GeorgiaBosson, @MaayaLad and others.

– Added Value? at the Barnsley Civic Gallery is well worth a visit, if only for the sequin wallpaper alone!