MA Practice : Art of Protest

My submission for the Noise Festival Art of Protest project was inspired by a chant used by protesters to challenge Topshop owner Philip Green’s excessive pay and tax avoidance. I decided an embroidered shirt would be a good approach, using a readily available, quickly consumed symbol of ‘fast fashion’ as a canvas for careful, considered embroidery.

white shirt folded into a box with tissue paper

Although I made the shirt specifically for the Art of Protest project the idea could easily be expanded on, and clothing with embroidered messages sent out to fashion editors to draw attention to issues within the fashion industry. One strength of craftivism is that it is harder to ignore a physical object like this, particularly if it is tactile or beautiful, than an email, and is far more likely to engage the recipient.

white shirt with hand embroidered lettering 'philip green's taxation could pay for education'