Strategies of Thought : Jean Baudrillard on Seduction

Way back on the 6th December the Strategies of Thought covered Jean Baudrillard on Seduction. I really struggled with the reading for this lecture, finding it hard to grab on to any part of it long enough to form a starting point. I can’t say the lecture cleared it up for me much either!

While discussion of Las Vegas with relevance to the idea of seduction was intriguing, and related to ideas I had whilst visiting the city earlier in the year, overall I left the lecture feeling maybe even more overwhelmed than when I went in. This feeling was compounded as I had to miss the afternoon seminar, normally where I glean the most useful ideas around Strategies.

me standing in front of the venetian hotel, las vegas
At the Venetian, Las Vegas. Now I never need to visit Venice.

However, during a post-seminar chat my fellow student Tom Walker attempted to sum things up for me. The main idea taken from the seminar was that seduction is different from desire, a simple like/dislike, and that the audience must be challenged in order to be drawn in and seduced.

This idea has obvious applications within design, and particularly advertising, and you can easily see how it relates to wider experience. I find films, books and music that are most affecting, drawing me back in time and time again, tend to be challenging in some way, confronting me or requiring me to think harder and put more of myself in.

Application within practice seems pretty clear to me, not being afraid to challenge and confront the audience in order to create a deeper connection.

Thanks, Tom!