Mapping London

I’m generally a list maker. From to-do lists to shopping lists to lists and lists of ideas, that’s where I go when I need to organise data.

As part of my MA work I intend to try new things, push out of my comfort zone, and so on, and therefore decided to take a different approach to cataloguing my recent trip to London. My plans had been changed at the last minute so I decided on a couple of things to visit, and spent the rest of my time walking around and eating, and I thought a quick couple of maps might be a good and ‘out of my comfort zone’ way to note where I’d been.

small notebook showing handdrawn map

small notebook with less detailed hand drawn map

Note on maps: Whilst walking around Mayfair, a part of London I’m not familiar with and generally feel out of place in, I was checking a map on my phone and literally walked into a lamp post then slipped and fell on my bum. So do enjoy your maps but, please, do be aware of your surroundings.