MA Practice : Mini-Briefs

In order to kickstart my research and get my creative juices flowing I was advised to develop a system for myself that would enable me to play around and create a body of work within a small time frame. To do this I made a quick list of ten words relevant to my practice, and ten different ways to express them. I then mixed these up and randomly laid them next to each other.

relevant words written on squares of paper and laid next to each other

Using these two word briefs as a starting point I began to create a series of work, and gave myself a 30 minute time frame for each brief.

work laid out on the floor, incuding a zine, pamphlet and embroidery

Researching and making this work brought out a few interesting experimentations and conclusions, including learning how to use different embroidery techniques to sew at speed and discovering that the word ‘craft’ is derived from the Germanic word ‘kraft’, which means ‘power, strength, force’. The idea of ‘kraft’ was particularly interesting to me as it undermines connotations of craft as soft and passive, and fits well with the craftivist use of confrontational craft as a form of resistance.

hand drawn zine on the theme of non-place

Discussing these outcomes in a studio tutorial helped me to reflect and recognise which pieces were most useful to my research. As an outcome for one of the mini-briefs I made a zine based on the theme of non-place, a subject from the Strategies of Thought lecture series that I thought was particularly relevant, and included a little about its relation to my own practice. Talking through this in the studio tutorial I began to see that my ideas around this, that crafted objects have their own sense of place, was related to a lot of the subjects in my research and would be a good idea to pursue further as a visual project.