Strategies of Thought : Marc Auge on Non-Place

After a short break last week, Strategies of Thought this week was Marc Auge on Non-Place. Following a couple of more accessible pieces, I found this week’s reading harder to connect with. In places I was nodding my head in agreement, then minutes later I was completely flummoxed. I could readily relate to Auge’s definition of Place as relational, historical and concerned with identity, and the increase in transitory, temporary spaces within cities.

I feel that Auge’s ideas around the neutralisation of individual identity and the redundancy of locality  feed into my previous research into contemporary crafting, and it’s use as means to connect with others and gain ownership over manufacture as well as express individuality. From my own experience I feel a need to push against the experience of being in what I consider Non-Places, such as shopping malls,  with what I perceive as more organic activities, like reading or just being outside.