Miscellanea Issue One

I am pleased to announce the first issue of Miscellanea is GO! Miscellanea is a self-initiated, one sheet publication based on broadsides, the precursor to penny dreadfuls and tabloid newspapers. They covered topics from ballads and public notices to political screeds and ghost stories, which were often accompanied by wood block illustrations. You can learn more and read examples of original broadsides on the National Library of Scotland’s Word on the Street site.

My interest in broadsides was piqued by an article in Varoom magazine, and how the format could give me the ideal opportunity to work with different collaborators and let them lead the way in exploring a variety of themes. Thankfully my friend Fehm shared my enthusiasm and the first issue features her writing, alongside my woodblock inspired illustrations. Although this first issue was digitally printed I’m hoping to try out different printing techniques, particularly woodblock and letterpress, and you can expect a special Hallowe’en edition next month.

I will be at the Manchester Print Fair with copies of Miscellanea, and you’ll also be able to find them at the Birmingham Zine Festival. Stay tuned to find out where else they’ll be appearing!