Digital Sewing

Digital Sampler Process from Kate Dunstone on Vimeo.

For most of my degree I was dead against using digital processes in my work, preferring to focus on handmaking as much as I could. Since graduating however I’ve come to appreciate not only the ease of using Photoshop and Illustrator, but also the beauty and breadth of what they can be used to create, so that now a large amount of my work is made digitally. As I become more and more used to using my computer to create I’ve begun to think about the value I assign to the different kinds of work and the different ways in which I approach illustrating using digital and handmade methods.
With this in mind I made a short video of the process of making a kind of digital sampler in Illustrator, based on embroidered samples made by girls in the 18th century to show off their hand embroidery skills. I hope to follow it up with a video of my hand embroidery process, in order to begin to contrast and compare.