New Blood 2012: Part 2

Delightful! Millie Connors, Stockport College

Following yesterday’s post on the events and talks in the festival element of New Blood I thought I’d follow up with a short post about the exhibition. From advertising to illustration there was so much to take in, all of it at a frighteningly high standard, that I only managed to grab a few quick shots on my hunt for craft-related work.

I really enjoyed exploring the Stockport College stand, there was such a range of media and approaches and plenty of cool illustration. You can find info about the students’ work on their grow site.

More from Stockport College

On a really brief private view run-around I knew I’d spotted some knitting, a medium close to my heart, and I must have gone round the whole exhibition three times the next day trying to seek it out. When I finally found it, on the Edinburgh Napier University stand, the effort was totally worth it! Melissa Preston’s ‘something of value’ project is a good idea beautifully executed. There is more information on her website,

Ah knitting! Melissa Preston, Edinburgh Napier University

As I was rushing out of the exhibition to get to my next event I was stopped in my tracks by Rebecca Clemson’s work on the Staffordshire University stand. Her Great Barrier Reef-based piece really showed the potential for quilling as a medium.

This just a tiny selection of a vast amount of brilliant work, you can see more work from the exhibition on the New Blood exhibition website. Visiting the exhibition was a great opportunity to see a huge range of work from degree shows I would otherwise had no chance to see, and it gave me a shot of inspiration and plenty of food for thought!

Rebecca Clemson’s work, close up. Staffordshire University